One of my most favorite comfort foods is a hot steaming bowl of Tonkatsu Ramen. A rich flavorful broth with a variety of yummy toppings. Here in Utah I have not yet found a truly authentic ramen experience like those I have found in LA, New York, and Las Vegas. So I decided to make some myself. After some experimentation I have finally got a recipe that I love.

Before setting out on your ramen adventure be warned, it is a long process. There is a lot of non-active cooking time but it is still a lot of time.

You can put what ever you want in your ramen but my “base bowl” has the following components.

I also add chili oil and white pepper powder to my serving.

A hot bowl of ramen is really all I need for a satisfying meal. However it is also great to serve it with some other yummy sides. At a recent family dinner we had Ramen served with homemade dumplings and Karaage.