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Since I have shared so many of my nightmare first dates, I thought finally… it would be fun to share this one!

Like all modern love stories, Matthew and I and I met online. I am glad he reached out to me. Honestly I never would have. He is 5 years younger than me, which puts him a full 10 years younger than most of the men I have dated. {and this has turned out to be an awesome thing btw – more on that later} We talked a lot before we met face to face. Getting to know each other as much as you can electronically. Originally from the south, his old fashioned southern boy charm took my by surprise. For the love of all that is holy he sends me poetry. Too many boys these days don’t know how to woo a girl. My Matthew – most certainly does. And that brings us to the first date.. it went something like this. {at least in my head it did}


The day won’t seem to end. We have a date to meet up at about 7 at a restaurant across the valley. All day all I can think about is this date.  What am I going to wear, I want to look cute and hot, but not too hot. I need to go shopping (and that I did) I have had such a fun time getting to know him over the phone, but what if this date ends up not as awesome as I have imagined? “relax” Ok. Just go with the flow….

6:45 and I am STILL in Saratoga. This means I am going to be late. Really late. After stopping to get gas, getting a little lost, and some late Friday traffic I rolled in a full 45 minutes late. WHICH is bad enough before finding out that he is ex-army so 10 minutes early is his on time. I have made this man wait for an hour. UGH.. great way to leave an impression. {I wish I could say that I learned my lesson but I have been late to all but one date so far. I think its genetics}

Walking into the restaurant all I can think is.. breathe. Breathe and don’t trip because god knows that is a very real possibility with my choice of footwear. I walked up to him at the bar… tapped him on the shoulder… (oh thank god he is even cuter than his pictures, you never know with online dating) and gave him a big hug for being so late. We sat down and my nerves would not quit. In my head all I could think was “This guy is so at ease. I need to pull it together. Pull it together, you are a strong independant woman for gods sake”  Just as I would pull it together out comes another compliment…and I realize I have not been complimented much in my life. Each one puts a cheesy grin on my face and makes me blissfully uncomfortable. I do think however I can get used to this. (I am still not used to it by the way) After a couple of hours of laughing and talking we finally ordered some food. Dinner was delicious. (lotion bread and all- Cory you have to try this place) But the conversation was beyond what I expected.  Like I have said before, its like I was sitting across from someone who I have known for ages… it didn’t feel like a first meeting. He was telling me stories of his time in the military and all I could think is.. “is this for real? am I really sitting here thinking about how much of a connection we have? I am not that girl… I don’t fall far and fast… but i think i could be. I think I want to be that girl…ok laugh that was funny”…

Smart, super funny, sweet, and bold. He wasn’t shy to lean over the table for a kiss.. or to reach across and hold my hand. And I wasn’t too shy not to oblige. We closed the restaurant down.. and once again my head started running. “ok.. walk slow, don’t fall.. deep breath. Head to your car… give a little coy smile…damn it I hope this guy kisses me. I want to rub his bald head…. ok head in the game… where are my mints? send the vibe…. kiss me. just kiss me.”  We stood by my car.. laughing a little more when he moved in. “this kid is slick and lean… suck in” as he put his arms around me. I reached up to run my hands over his head and… yes – the kiss was amazing. Being a lady, I will leave it at that. (lets just say it took a while longer for the date to end…)

And that my friends… is the beginning of my new adventure… a modern love story still being written but that I am so thoroughly enjoying every day. More to come…

Diary of a (not so) Single Mom – Ana