WOAH… down for the count sick was how I spent the past few days. So I am sorry the winners circle is late! But super doses of Vitamin C, Zinc, and some much needed rest and I am back in the holiday swing of things.

aka: Fun with Fumes. Ok, I know what you are thinking. There is a part of you that wants to say… “you are nuts. there is no way I am spray painting my Christmas tags and decor.” But hold off on your judgement. These tags were a bit of a happy accident. While cutting out snowflakes (to later be glittered) I thought it would be fun to use the negative space for something. And what I discovered is a fun, easy, and FAST way to create a whole bunch of tags and cards. I hope you will give it a try.

you will need

  • cardstock (I used KRAFT and WHITE)
  • spray paint – preferably for paper. (I use Krylon Paper Finishes in Silver)
  • stick on jewels (I usually am totally opposed to acrylic jewels, but for tags, they are perfect and inexpensive)
  • ribbon – (I am using 1.5″ double faced satin and 3/4″ sheer organza)

For each shape, start by cutting your cardstock to the desired shape. For “tag” shape, I simple handcut. Notice on the “S” tag how I left one side uncut. The ornament shape was cut using my Silhouette. Of course, you could just cut one by hand or using another die cut system. What ever you prefer.

In a well ventilated area, use easy release painters tape to adhere the negative stencil to the paper. Personally I like to use a very large stencil for just a partial shape. Of course, this is your own preference. If you do not have negative stencils that you have made – there are lots of commercial stencils available for very cheap at most craft stores.

Spray the project. Paper paints dry almost immediately, so you can peel the tape away right away and just wait a few moments for it to dry.

Adhere the jewels and tie with ribbon. (experiment with different knots and ties)

The best part, the stencil is reusable, and it is easy to line up several tags or shapes to spray at once.

Be sure to leave a comment below for another entry to win those very cool glitter markers by Copic. (I am still working on getting a good photo of the project. A challenge since I am terrible photog…lol)


Leave a comment below for a chance to win a set of Krylon paper paints to play with! (Because they have to be shipped ground – they wont make it for Christmas. BUT I promise to share some fun New Years and Spring projects using these fun paints.)


Winner of the Glittered Ornament Kit
Rebecca Lovell
Oh, how pretty! Definitely on my list of things to make! Thanks!
Winner of the Echo Park Christmas Kit
Wow! Love the banner, thanks for the chance for the giveaway.