• 3# pork feet bones
  • 2 large pork leg bones
  • 4 large pork hocks
  • garlic
  • ginger
  • onion


  • Large stock pot ¬†– I use 20Qt
  • skimmer

Have your butcher cut up all the bones so you can get more of the yummy goodness out of it.

Place all the bones in your stock pot and cover with cold water. Bring to a boil over high heat. Once boiling simmer for about 15 minutes allowing all the scum (blood and proteins) to come out of the bones.  Dump the entire thing into a colander.

Wash. Rinse all the meat and use a chopstick or other pokey device to remove all bits of blood and brown stuff from the bones. This will ensure you end up with a creamy white broth. If you skip this step your broth will still be delicious but it will be brown. Wash the stock pot then dump all the newly cleaned piggy parts back in and fill the pot up with water.

Bring back to the boil. Once boiling let simmer for another 15 minutes. Using the skimmer remove any more scum that may come up to the surface. Now reduce the heat to low allow to simmer.

Peel and slice about 2″ of ginger, peel one head of garlic, and the onions. Saute in a hot pan until everything is browned and wilted – about 5 min. Dump into the stock pot

Now let this whole thing simmer for 12 hours. You read that right. 12 hours. Be sure to check the water level is not drying up. I like to keep this simmering so that at the end of the 12 hours it has reduced by about a quarter or a third but I don’t add any additional water. When the 12 hours hits almost all the fat, gelatin, and porky goodness will be suspended in your broth.

Remove all the solid bits of meat, skin, bones, and veg that are left. You should now have a creamy rich broth ready for your ramen. The day of serving, I usually just keep this hot broth ready for service on my stove all through out the evening.