My name is Ana and I am a “Project Life” drop out. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE the whole idea of project life. But I lack both the discipline and attention span to stick to a weekly project. That said, I LOVE the way these books look and in the spirit of project life I present Project Life – my way. I love the elements, the design, the pocket pages… all of it. I just can’t stick to the 52 week format and stay sane.

What inspired me to pick up this format again was trying to figure out how to get elements of my new man and our relationship into a scrapbook. Somehow the 12×12 format just didn’t seem to feel right. I wanted something a little more modern, modular, and well – simple. So Project Life, A week in the Life, and Photo Freedom was the perfect solution.

Here are a few of my recent pages. (sorry – my photography skills still suck. Somethings never change) Click on the image to see whole thing page.


I pulled lots of goodies from my stash. Some old timers will recognize some goodies from about ten years ago. Lots of the elements come from the Today’s Story – Photo Freedom collection.