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Easy Burp Cloths 2.0

easy burp cloths 2.0

I found some pre-made cloth diapers in these irresistible colors. So I decided to customize them to make them just a little more magical. Most of the burp cloths I have been making are homemade. I just love the shape and size of these flannel lined ones, and they are very inexpensive to make. However, I had a coupon that made these premade ones pretty inexpensive so I decided to go for it! This is also a great project to use up all those little strips and scraps you have in your fabric stash.

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New Year, Old Me, Real Me

I love the New Year.

The New Year my time to take stock of my life, to reflect and renew. But this year I really didn’t feel then need for the whole “New Year New You” deal you see at the beginning of a new year. At 42 years old, I’m getting to the point where I am really beginning to like me!  For me, my 2016 “resolution” is simple.


That’s it. With that are all my little goals of course – being more organized, learning some new skills, being more healthy by being more committed to exercise, so on and so forth. All of it with the simple end goal of being able to simply enjoy more of this lovely little life of mine. More date nights, more laughter, more game nights, more weekend getaways… less sweating the small stuff, worrying about things that really don’t matter, or stressing over the superficial. To take time to not become a “new” me, but to rediscover the real me inside. To let that happy go lucky adventurous me out a little more. To nurture the part of me that is ambitious and capable. To get more organized for a ink-ler day to day. To develop the many talents and skills I’ve been blessed with. To learn some new skills. To help my body match my spirit. To become the most authentic and honest me ever. To share the blessings of my life with those I care about.

As look back and reflect on 2015 I am happy to say it ended even better then it started… There is always room for improvement and the start of a new year is always refreshing.  It’s a good reminder of what is truly important. Sure, we all have a life to live. Laundry needs to be done, bills paid so on and so forth. But that is NOT it. There is more, so much more. And this year…I want to live it!

Damn I’m Beautiful

“I felt free once I realized I was NEVER going to fit the NARROW mold that society wanted me to fit in.” – Ashley Graham

I am 41 soon to be 42. I have a two month old baby and three teenage daughters. My belly is round, my boobs big, and hips and thighs are full. A few weeks ago, in a sleep deprived post baby moment I had a breakdown. Laying in bed I looked at my Mr. and cried. I spewed out my feelings of insecurity and self loathing of my body. That I felt fat and ugly and totally unsexy. And my Mr. in his sometimes shocking, always honest and blunt manner looked at me. He didn’t coddle and console me. He verbally shook me. He basically said STOP IT and told me without mincing words that I was being insulting and shallow.

Shocked – I sat up – hormones still working their magic – and went into “B” mode. What the hell.. I wanted someone to hold me in my self loathing, how could he be so insensitive. And it was in that moment that he reminded me of who I was. That I am this totally awesome, capable, smart, funny, talented chick. That I was the mother of his children and our new little one. That I was the one he stood on that beach in Maui with and commited his life to. That I was the one he loved and lusted after… that I was the one he wanted – all of me, rolls, fluff, big boobs (ok those are a plus) and all and that he will be chasing after me in his walker when we are in our 90s. So to pull it together and stop watching the real housewives of what ever be the confident girl he fell in love with.

I wish I could say at that moment I woke up from my daze of self loathing. I didnt. I am sure my post preganacy hormones were a part of it. Even after coming home from my 6 week post partum appointment to find out that I was 20 lbs lighter than when I had started my pregnancy wasnt enough to shake me out of it. Honestly, I dont know what it was. Perhaps it has been my awesome mr. who makes me feel sexy and loved daily – even when I am leaking milk and covered in baby puke. Maybe it is how busy I have been with new work and responsibilities and feeling productive. Or mabye it is just looking at Samara and realizing this amazing little bundle of awesomeness came from me and mr. What ever it is, I am happy.

And now that I am happy with who I am and how I look – I have decided to take the next step. With all the yummy holiday food I am going to do my best to eat healthy breakfasts and lunches during the week, to hop on the bike at least three times a week, and maybe, just maybe – throw in some weight training in there. But what ever happens…

I am happy. Happy with my fluffy, sexy, food loving, exersize hating, awesome self.