Pinterest Monday Valentines Day

Dont you just love the new year? I know I do. It’s the time I year that try to reignite my creativity… and this year – finally do a purge and redesign of my creative work space.

Along with my creative goals, is a goal to be a much better blogger. And TODAY is that day. I don’t have a ton of blog followers, but my “regulars” are pretty awesome. And I thank you for always being supportive. With that, lets kick off Pinterest Monday. Every Monday I will be sharing my favorite Pinterest finds. Then later in the week, I will be sharing what I create based on the inspiration I find!

Of course this is a blog, so there will be plenty of other posts and goodies along the way, but I figure. This will be a good start! Enjoy this week’s finds on my Valentine’s board. I’m adding more to it every day and can hardly wait to get cracking at the some fun Valentines day decor!