One of the things I love about my Mr, is his unique way about him. Outwardly he may not seem very romantic. He is after all a hard nut to crack, very analytical and logical, and he doesn’t believe in grand show boating gestures. He prefers to show he loves me in quiet loving ways, usually more privately between just the two of us. And I wouldn’t change him for the world. He wrote me this poem this morning… it is a dying art, but one he keeps alive just for me. I don’t share many of his poems because they are deeply personal. But this one I couldn’t resist.

Night was once falling
So ending that long day
The road was ending
And I felt cast away.
Across the plain
Across the sea
I wandered far
And was lost
From a life
Of great cost.
And then a star
Did shine above
This lovely glow
Pale as a dove
That I watched
And then chased
As the wind bade me.
Across the plains
And through jagged pass
I did chase the fleeing sun
To find a new dawn
A new life
A new love.
And here I am
This wandering soul
Who has never
Done as told
And found more
That’s for sure
In this love
That you give
Makes me whole.
I love you
I will confess
For in it I am blessed
From now until the next
Past the veil.
I’ll always seek
That great star
No matter how many times
I am lost
For its path shall lead me
To discovery.
I’ll always be there
This flawed man
Chasing Heaven’s gem
For it is the only treasure
That makes me rich.

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