I am still floating on cloud nine from our week in paradise. We got married and had the best vacation ever. Although I shared lots of pictures on instagram and Facebook, here are some of the details  I didn’t share. Consider this our modern post vacation slideshow. Some memorable moments include the double tsunami, saving a life, almost not getting married, and the omelet of many tears.

First Lesson Learned

We had to get up at 4 am to make our ver early flight from Salt Lake to Maui. Matt learned a couple things. 1) I don’t like to wake up at 4 am and getting me to do so it nearly impossible. 2) I will try to crawl back into bed if you don’t make me get in the shower 3) its going to be a long likely grumpy morning.

However once the clouds parted and the island came out from the horizon surrounded by sunshine and blue water, all the grumpy went away and excitement filled my heart!

Getting Lost

No Matt & Ana adventure is complete without getting lost. And when I say getting lost, I mean at least a dozen u-turns, some swearing and a lot of pulling over. Driving in Maui is challenging. The lush green foliage likes to hide the little street signs, the roads are narrow and often twisty. Luckily we can laugh (and swear) about it.. always having a good time!

Water Babies

Matt I spent each of our mornings in the ocean. We had such a blast splashing and swimming like a couple of kids. Matt liked playing “drown your fiancé” a game I am not that fond of… I preferred “kiss your fiancé in the waves of maui” much more. More lessons learned. 1) you should reapply sunscreen to your very white man after swimming. 2.) don’t bogart the umbrella leaving said white man in the sun. he’ll burn.

Good Deeds

We had breakfast at Tasty Crust (a place the locals call tasty crud) Good filling food, cheap. Well – I noticed a table of folks trying to take a selfie.. and failing. So I got up and offered to take the picture for them. Not thinking of much of it… until our waitress informed us that our breakfast was taken cared of! What a sweet way to start the day!

The Omelet of Many Tears

The morning of our wedding we decided to go have breakfast at this awesome little hole in the wall in the town we were staying in. As we started to eat, I looked at Matt.. the love of my life and my very best friend and realized that this was really happening. I found love and I was getting married. With tears streaming down my cheeks he looked up at me and asked what was wrong. And all I could muster was.. “that is the last omelet you will eat as a single man”.  He looked at me still puzzled, smiled, and continued to eat his omelet.

The Wedding that Almost Wasn’t

Over a month before our trip, we booked our wedding ceremony through a coordinator/ reverend on the island. She came very highly recommended and was even listed on the office Maui wedding officiant site by the state. When we got to the island, I got hold of her and she arranged for us to have our marriage license picked up on Sat morning, the morning of our ceremony. Matt and I were a little worried about waiting til the day of but she assured us this was fine.

Saturday rolls around and our 10 am appointment has passed with no word from the agent. (note: in Maui you pick up your license from agents which are basically regular people who do it as a side gig) A couple hours pass and after calling non-stop I finally get an answer. The agent tells me that he is unable to issue our lisence because he messed up his password and has been locked out. But don’t worry we can do it Monday. It just means that we have to do our ceremony and our official wedding date would be different. He went on to tell me that I wasn’t the worst off because one of the brides was leaving the island the next day and that was worse. PANICKED I called every single agent on the island and finally got hold of one. She said we had 30 minutes to get to her because she was leaving. We jumped in the car and got there in the nick of time. She was the only one who worked on the weekend and we were the only ones she had time to serve that day! She even helped us even though we didn’t have $5 cash to pay for her fee. (we never carry cash… seriously who doesn’t take a card)

We make our way back home and we start to laugh about the whole thing. I casually say… “now all we need is for our reverend to say she can’t do it” which is precisely what happened two hours before our wedding. Luckily a very nice officiant stepped in last moment and saved the day.

The ceremony was amazing. We stood in on the beach, our toes in the sand.. staring at each other as we exchanged vows and loves and became Husband and Wife. You can read our vows here.

After the crazy day we headed off to dinner at Nuka – an amazing little sushi place in Haiku. We ate sushi and all manners of yummy seafood and drank sake until we were silly. It was the greatest day of our lives, so far at least.

Saving a Life

Matt wanted to go for a swim at the beach that we had been married at. So we headed back there and went for a dip. Well, the water was little more active than my baby beach in Kehei, but still very swimmable. As we were goofing off we heard a little old lady call out to us. We swam over and she asked to us to help her get to shore. She had gone too far out and she couldn’t make the swim back. So we did. At one point Matt had to grab me as she almost dragged me under!

The Road to Hana (aka: the road from Hana isn’t even a road and holding your pee for two hours sucks)

The Road to Hana is (in)famous for all its twists and turns and narrow one way stretches and bridges. It is a gorgeous drive, at least for the passenger. This drive was a blast – a stressful one for Matt, entertaining for me. There is nothing I love more than listening to my man rant about the crazy road conditions as we debate about music and the awesomeness of Brad Paisley.

The road back however.. that was not fun. Most of it is not paved. And there is not a bathroom anywhere. After “holding it” for two hours.. we finally saw a gas station which Matt passed because it was on the other side of the highway. This sent me into tears! We finally stopped and got gas and found a bathroom… just in the nick of time. We still laugh about it and every time we pass a gas station Matt likes to make sure I don’t need to stop.

The Double Tsunami 

So one of the things that I am a little afraid of is drowning in the ocean. Being under 5′ the ocean goes from swimmable to drownable pretty quick. I am a good swimmer and love the water so, like I said before we were in the water most of our time in Maui. Our last evening in the water.. I noticed the swells were getting bigger. To avoid the worst of it, I swam out pretty far to avoid the break.

Until a big 15 foot swell came and slammed right into me, knocking the sunglasses off my face and swirling me under. I didn’t get the worst of it however. Matt got slammed hard as he tried to go over the wave. It picked him up and slammed him pretty hard into the sand swirling him around. A second massive wave followed almost immediately. This time I wasn’t going to get hit so I ducked down and swam under the wave. Matt tried to ride the second one out too. That didn’t work either. He still laughs at the thought of my face when that second wave came as I ducked under it. It was thrilling and a little scary but not life threatening of course. We still crack up at the thought of our double tsunami. Needless to say the moment that second wave was done I bolted out of the water back onto the sand.

The Food

Anyone following us on social media could see the other thing we did a lot of is eat. I will put together a separate post all about our culinary adventure soon!

This was truly a magical week for both of us. We love to travel together and having a chance to spend this kind of one on one time, acting like a couple of crazy kids, having lots of food, fun, and romance – its a trip I will always remember.