Its been many moons since I have felt the motivation to “blog”. But with the new year comes a renewed outlook and vigor. I have also rekindled that desire to share a little bit of myself. Since its been a while, I thought I would begin with a little reflection.

2016 was a pretty good year for our little family. After a few years of soul crushing challenges and set backs, it was nice to feel like our hard work and perseverance as a couple, a family, and even personally were beginning to pay off. The Mr. and I are in the best place we have ever been with our relationship. We still have that newlywed passion for one another but also a sense of comfort and trust that just comes with time. We have always been deeply in love, but now we are in the groove of our marriage. We worked out some kinks, earned trust, did our fair share of fighting and a lot of forgiving, worked long hard hours, and this year it paid off. The girls are all thriving, little Samara is just a joy in our life, and we got to proudly purchase our first house as a couple – which I lovingly and humbly call #MosesManor.

It never fails to bring a tear of joy to my eye when I think of how far we have come. The Mr. and I have been together now almost 4 years. Next month we celebrate our 3 year wedding anniversary. To think, in the past three years we got married, had our sweet baby, and bought our house. It is very much the realization of the American dream. None of this was handed to us. Like I mentioned before – there were many long hours of work put in, sacrifice, fights and growing pains and challenges. Our love for each other were the ties that bind. No matter how hard things get – we love each other.

Thinking about how I have grown in the past year, its easy to focus on the negative. I’ve gained weight from fertility meds, I didn’t quite hit all the goals I set for myself, my kitchen still needs painting and there is a hole in the wall I STILL need to tend to. I can however say that I am a better person than I was a year ago. And I hope, a more authentic version of “me”. Looking out on 2017, it is my hope that I can just continue to live a good life. I want to do good things, learn more, cook yummy food, learn a few new skills, perfect old ones, enjoy my family time more, and just generally be the most authentic me possible. More to come… Including my 2017 One Little Word.