DIY painted picture frames

I have been so inspired by the beautiful homes I have seen in my pinterest browsing lately that I have decided to try to do some sprucing up here at the cocounthouse. To brighten my family room, I decided to paint our picture frames. And now, I am totally addicted to SPRAY PAINT!

DIY spray painted picture frames

The result was fantastic! It really brightened the room and helped to pull together my pink wall with the rest of the room. During my spray painting adventures, I did learn a few things. So here are my tips for spray painting bliss.

1. Get the good stuff – I love the nozzle by KRYLON. It does not clog and the spray is even. I have purchased several cheaper brands and was disappointed each time. The difference in price is just a few bucks. Don’t go cheap.

2. To prime or not to prime – The frames I painted were all silver or pewter. So covering them was relatively easy. But for the lighter yellow, priming helped the color really shine. It also helped cut down on the number of coats needed to get an even color.

3. Layer Layer Layer – when  spraying, use even passes about 9 – 12″ away from the piece. Build up the color by letting each coat dry slightly then going over again. Don’t try to cover in one thick pass… you’ll just end up with drips and streaks.

4. Dry Dry again – allow the paint to dry after you have applied a couple coats. I found the color was much more vibrant.

more painted picture frames