DIY confetti dot wall

I wanted to have a fun statement wall in our nursery, but I didn’t want to go through the pain and suffering of painting. So I decided on creating a Kate Spade inspired confetti wall. The whole project took about an hour, but the results are spectacular.

You will need:

  • roll of gold vinyl
  • silhouette¬†cameo cut file ¬†(or one that you create yourself) *note this is a .studio file for use with the silhouette digital cutter.¬†*if you don’t have a Silhouette Cameo you can buy the dots at lots of etsy shops or from me here.

cut vinyl

1. Open the cut file in the Silhouette design program and cut out the sheet three times. This will yield you 72 dots.

note: I happened to have a smaller roll of Gold Vinyl, so the cut file I created is 9″ wide, compatible with either sized machine. (If you have wider vinyl, just adjust the template by copy and pasting some of the circles to fill up the space.)

First Row of Confetti

2. To get a random confetti look, I adhered each dot in a random way. This is a little harder than it may seem as you naturally try to put things in order. So I started by creating a row at the top of the wall with more dense dots, and used that as a guide for the rest of the wall – decreasing the amount of dots I used in each “layer”

3. Most wall vinyl will advise you to use a transfer tape to lift the image off the carrier sheet and place onto the wall. I found that to be way more trouble than it was worth. The dots are such a simple and solid shape, I just peeled them off like stickers and adhered the to the wall. Just be sure to burnish each one well with your finger or a burnishing tool to ensure they don’t peel up.

4. Stand back and enjoy your work.

This project took me about an hour total, but the results are spectacular!

If you like this project, I hope you’ll share it! Thanks for looking!