Well, not really. More than a few friends have been wondering where all the wedding goodness has gone?

As many of our closest family and friends already know.. Matt and I have decided to elope. Well – sort of. We are not doing it in secret or by crawling out my window and sneaking off… we have already told those closest to us. But we are foregoing the big wedding and running off to paradise to get married together, just the two of us.

As we prepared for our big wedding plans, the practical side of the big wedding costs began to sink in. We have plans to grow our family and really want help our family thrive. We want to try to have a baby or two together, buy a house, take the family on some fun vacations, do some traveling… you name it. We have lots we want to do AFTER we get married and become a family. This along with the fact that no matter where we do a wedding, not everyone we want there would be there – well – the choice to elope became an easy one.

We are sad that we won’t have our family there. It is the one sad thing about this whole deal. But our family.. especially my daughters have been super supportive of our decision. We are going to have a big PAR-TAY this spring when we return to celebrate with all our friends and family – and we hope you ALL can make it!

We are keeping some of the details of our plans a secret for now but will reveal more very soon. And ya’ll know there will be plenty of real time photos on Facebook and Instagram 🙂

Just as before.. I am so excited to marry my best friend and partner in crime. We are two crazy nerds looking forward to our wedding, honeymoon, and of course, coming back to celebrate with all of you! So there will still be a big pink sparkly celebration… so mark your calendars for April 5!

xoxoxo – Ana & Matthew