I looked high and low and could NOT find measurements for large rosettes and poms! So after some playing around I came up with this. These should come in handy when making larger rosettes and poms of various sizes.


Large 28″x56″

Medium 15″x30″

Small 6″x12″


Large 20″x30″ full sheet

Medium 15″x20″

Small 10″x15″

Extra small 5″x10″


I like to used rolled paper and high quality gift wrap for the larger pieces. Be careful when using the cheaper gift wrap for the rosettes. They usually don’t hold their shape very well. My favorite is the text weight rolled paper from Paper Source.

For the POMS I also like to use higher quality tissue like that at paper source. However there are lots of good brands out there. If you find some that has slightly different measurements don’t fret, you can easily adjust these numbers with no problem.

To hang the poms and rosettes I like to use fishing line (aka mono filament) you can get it super cheap at WalMart and places like that. Map pins work nicely to hang pons from the ceiling and small command hooks meant for christmas lights are a great way to add an anchor to a wall for rosettes.