Picture frames are an easy way to show off family photos. As long as we have lived in this house, I have had this wall of boring. An obscure wall that sits in the hall between the living room and family room. Visible by both rooms, strangely angled, and just boring. These matching frames were the perfect solution. Each shadowbox came with the white mat. I just added the name, birthday, and picture of each of my girls, my nieces, and my nephew. Each frame ended up costing about $6.50 when it was all done.

diy picture frames

A closer look shows how simple this project is.

1. Print name and date info onto 8×10 ink jet printer paper. (not photo paper) I used photoshop to layout the name and dates, but it would be very simple to do in MS Word.

2. Print 3.5″x3.5″ images of each child.

3. Mount onto name paper using foam tape.

supplies used: Shadowbox frames (Hobby Lobby), Inkjet premium printer paper (Epson), printer (Epson), foam tape (3M)