Picture frames are not just for pictures. In fact, they are a quick and easy way to add a touch of charm and whimsy to any decor. Here are three simple ideas.


1. Love Map – Cut out a heart surrounding a special place on the map. In this case, it is where my little nephew lives. Mount onto cardstock cut to fit your frame, and add a little sentiment and rhinestone to mark that special place. This is also a great idea to mark special trips and other location based memories.


2. 5 Minute Frame – Use decorative scrapbook papers and embelishments to create a whimsical piece of art. Trim the patterned paper to fit the frame. Add a chipboard pieces, stickers and other embellishments for a simple piece of art. Since it is so easy to create – not to mention inexpensive – this is one piece that can be changed often to suit the season.


3. Flower Frame – I have to admit, I LOVE the multitudes of handmade flowers I find online. Unfortunately, I don’t always have a willing person to wear them. So why not frame it! Don’t let the glass contrain you. In this case, trim the patterned paper to size. Stick on a handmade flower. (or store bought like this one) Then putting the frame back together, leave off the glass. This is also a great way to salvage broken frames.

There you have it. Three frames that go beyond just pictures. All sure to add a little fun to your decor, simply, and easily.