One thing that summer means to me… FLIP FLOPS! I Love Flip Flops. I especially love that they are available in every color, style, and at times cost only a $1. I decided to get into my stash of ribbon ends… those little leftover pieces too short to tie… and embellish these $1 flip flops.

1. Brush your favorite ribbon with Ribbonstiff. Let dry. (the ribbons I used here are all Strano Designs ribbon)

2. Using your favorite punch or die cut system, cut out the desired number of flowers.

3. Adhere the flowers to the top of your flip flop using hot glue. OR if you want to be able to change it up a little, build your flowers onto a piece of velcro, and add a velcro dot to the top of the sandal, that way, you can change at will!

4. Add just a touch of BLING. You can use a permanent glue, but I like to use Hot Fix crystals. I find they last longer and I always use real crystals for my wearables.