Boutique Chic

As anyone who knows me well is aware, I love nice things… but hate to pay so much for them. In fact, I often find myself going shops like Anthropolgy fully prepared to buy something stunning – only to leave empty handed. I usually find something I love but think to myself “I could totally make that. . .” And most of the time I am right. With a little trial and error I end up creating lots of fun pieces for a fraction of the cost! {yes I buy things. sometimes I just dont have time to make it, or I just love the piece that I found. I just don’t like feeling like I am being robbed…}

Now you can too. Flower headbands are everywhere. Take a moment to make one of your very own. It is fun and easy to do. As a bonus for a limited time – CLICK HERE or the image above to download a pdf of this project as seen in the pages of Simply Handmade magazine. (April/May 2010 Issue) The magazine is full of fabulous ideas and is available in print or in digital format!

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