I am a gift wrapping addict. I truly LOVE wrapping gifts. And every year I create a theme for our holiday wrap. Now I am not shy to admit that I can, at times, be a little over the top. We have gotten to the point that I wrap ALL the Christmas gifts that go under the tree. In fact, I even wrap the ones that are TO ME. My family seals up my gifts into a nondescript box and I wrap away. (although I am proud to say my girls are beginning to show their wrapping prowess)

So this year I decided to go with some fun polka dotted kraft wrap and some cool silver chevron. The silver “paper” is tree free stone paper, so it has a cool texture to it. I always create handmade tags and use only real woven fabric ribbon. I will use strips of glitter and pink paper as accent wraps as well.


This is last years theme.. Still one of my very favorites!