I have been working on some ginormous deco pieces that even Elf himself would be proud of! Here is the first in that series. These giant snowflakes are really simple to make. The whole project only took about 20 min. from start to finish.  And don’t miss the details of the latest GIVEAWAY at the end of this post!


  • foam core (got mine at Walmart for under $3)
  • pattern
  • sharp craft knife
  • spray adhesive/ liquid glue
  • glitter* [for this project I used German glass glitter since I know that I will be keeping it from year to year]

1. begin by printing out the pattern. I sized this to fit on a standard letter sheet of paper. If you want it larger, you can bring it to a copy center and enlarge accordingly, but I figured… who really wants to do that?

you may notice that the pattern has rounded edges. I intended to cut my snowflake with round edges, but once I got going realized straight was WAY easier. this is of course, up to you. if you have a tip for cutting rounded edges into foam core, please share!

2. cut out the pattern and transfer to the foam board, tracing lightly with pencil. the pattern is 1/4th of the snowflake. so flip it around lining up the center until you have the whole thing outlined.

3. CAREFULLY cut out the snowflake. this does not take nearly as long as you might think… but cutting is the most time consuming portion of the project. please take care not to cut yourself.

tip: when cutting foam core, cut each line twice. the first cut should be shallow, just cutting through the first paper layer. cut through the remaining layers with the second pass. if you craft knife is really sharp, it should be pretty easy. a dull knife will cause jagged edges as the foam tears.

4. spray one side of the foam core very generously with the adhesive. if you prefer to use a brush on adhesive, you can, but work in sections. note.. the spray adhesive is HIGHLY recommended.

5. working in sections, sprinkle the glitter and gently press to ensure it is well adhered. let dry, then brush off any stray glitter.

note: I do not mind the white edges that are left. if this bothers you, spray paint the snowflake and allow to dry before glittering. once you are done with this project, seek help, cause really… white edges are no biggie. ITS A SNOWFLAKE! lol Also – if using glass glitter – take care when pressing the glitter into the project – it will cut you.


Leave a comment for a chance to win a prize package of REAL German glass glitter worth over $50. You will get an assortment of my very favorite colors. This prize will take your crafts to a new level… and the colors will be perfect for Christmas and beyond. Winners for this past week’s giveaways will be announced tonight! The German glass glitter prize will be announced one week from today. So leave a comment and spread the word.