So ending up with an emergency c-section was not the worst thing in the world I have to admit. I was so sedated and numb – the actual procedure was kind of a blur. (thankfully) recovery has been quite a ride.

The Pain

Yes. It hurts. The first day of recovery was deceiving.┬áIn the O.R. the anesthesiologist let me know he was pumping my epidural with some morphine that should last about 24 hours to help take the edge off things. I would also be given some oral pain meds. This kept me pretty calm and pain free this first day. Sure, I felt some soreness around my incision sight and my belly was certainly sore – but it wasn’t too bad. Sometime that morning the nurses helped me get up from bed, walking to the bathroom to get cleaned up a little. All I could think is, I have totally got this! This is almost easier than delivering naturally.

Then came day 2.

Morphine is worn off. And the full effect pain started to creep in. NOW I am hurting. And now is when the nurses came in to tell me that they needed me to take a walk to keep my system running and to prevent clots. WALK. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Slightly moving from side to side is enough to make me want to die – WALK?!

Day 3. Talked to my doctor and yes, I am still in pain but its managed by my meds pretty well. I am getting up several times on my own to walk around the floor, and I have no problem feeding or holding Samara. In fact, I want out of the hospital. The doctor advised me that the stay is usually 4-5 days – but I really can not deal with the constant parade of nurses, weird people talking in the hallway and all the distractions of the hospital. So I beg my doc to let me go early and continue my recovery at home. After all, I have a medical husband who can keep an eye on me and a whole army of helpers.

He asked me to wait til the end of the day so he could take my staples out. And I went home at the end of day 3.