To pull together my dining room, I created a bunting out of the same polka dot burlap fabric that I use as a table runner. Making the bunting was super easy.



Start by simply cutting the burlap into strips. To make life easy I just cut them the width of my cutting ruler.


Then I simply folded one edge of the burlap sewing a little pocket. (sandwich the bakers twine while sewing so that you don’t have to worry about running it through later) After each “flag was sewn, I went back over the seam with some decorative trip, again sewing into place. If you don’t want to bother sewing the trim – use a good fabric adhesive to glue it on. I just opted to sew it because I was all out of Fabri-tac and didn’t want to wait!

This little bunting will likely stay on top of my china cabinet through easter.