• Lose 20lbs  (This is not vanity weight. This will get me to where I should be, where I was when I was 25.)
  • do real pull ups (at least with just the rubber band of death)
  • drop 10% body fat (this is a more long term goal. One that I know I won’t get to during these 12 weeks, but a goal none the less)
  • have a redneck summer romance (ok. This is not really a fitness goal I guess more like a collateral result)

I share these goals so as I move along my program… you will see the good, bad, ugly, ups, and downs. Today was what I like to call the warm up to my Spartan training. Nothing like having a warm up that starts something like this…

  1. lay down on the ground, right leg bent, left leg straight. 
  2. grab the kettle bell with one hand and extend over your chest.
  3. do not drop said kettle bell on head or die.
  4. all while keeping the KB straight out.
  5. sit up, arch, straight leg goes behind, get up to full standing
  6. reverse until you are lying back down
  7. transfer the KB to the other side of your body going overhead, again not dropping on ones face.
  8. repeat with other leg

Yeah. This was just a warm up. No I can’t walk right now. This was followed by running up and down four flights of stairs, lots of atomic push ups, pikes, lunges, squats…. yeah. I’m bad ass.

HOWEVER – This am was rough. Had a long night working on some projects. When my alarm went off this morning. The FIRST thing that popped into my head was –DONT GO. The second thing that popped into my head was – GET UP. YOU ARE DOING THIS. That second voice was the one that I committed before my alarm went off. I knew that if I didn’t make the commitment ahead of time, that first thought in my head would always try to sabotage me. I also committed to my coach Trish. And knowing that she would expect me there… helped. No one likes to be a slacker. And I have also committed you too. So here we have it.

Tomorrow is weigh in and measure day.  I never really like this day but I have learned it is a very necessary part of any program. I have a goal – its important see if I am working toward that goal. It also means I am less likely to cheat because I know the next round of  measurements are coming.

The hardest part of any get fit, want to be look better, bringing sexy back fitness regimen is our own heads. Our mind gives up before our bodies do. Our own stubborn will will keep us back. So commit..and then DO.

Bringing Sexy Back – Ana


The studio that I go to Lyceum at Brick Canvas – has put together the most amazing 12-week intensive program. Fully customized including small group training, private training, health consults, and of course lots of measuring, accountability, and of course motivation. I am excited because a structured program is exactly what I need right now. We are WEEKS from boating/lake/bikini season and this year – I am going to be ready!!! (if you are a local UT Peep – especially UT County you must check this out)