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Valentines is NOT one of favorite holidays. Probably because, I have not had a Valentine for almost a decade. No matter… my little divas are always fun to shop and decorate for. And as a velentines treat to my readers, leave a comment on any of the posts this weekend and on Monday a lucky winner will get a fun CHA prize package including – Papers from Echo Park, Making Memories Bravissimo, and more!

Hanging in our entrance hall are these big hearts. Each heart is a little umder 12″ and decorated in its own special way. Keep reading for a close up and instructions for each one. I am thinking about cutting some vinyl saying  to go right above it…we’ll see.

supplies: patterned paper, sticker (Echo Park Paper) trim (Fancy Pants) german glass glitter (meyer imports) metal charm (the Girls Paperie)

  1. Freehand cut a heart shape from patterned paper.
  2. Using hot glue, adhere shredded tissue to the edges of the heart, on the back side.
  3. Embelish with stickers and charm.
  4. Glitter a small chipboard heart with teh glass glitter and glue to the project.
  5. A ribbon hanger.

supplies: die cut heart (Bazzill) adhesive (Creatopia by Xyron) German glass glitter (Meyer Imports) flowers (Prima)

  1. Run the die cut heart through the Xyron to apply permanent adhesive to.
  2. Glitter entire piece, shaking off excess glitter.
  3. Adhere flowers and ribbon for hanging.

supplies: die cut heart (Bazzil) adhesive (Creatopia by Xyron) stickers (Echo Park Paper) rosettes (Imaginesce)

  1. Assemble rosettes  adding a little bling to some of the centers  and set aside.
  2. Just like above, glitter the front of the die cut heart.
  3. Adhere border sticker across center of heart. *
  4. Adhere rosettes to heart.

*note: Stickers may not stick to the glittered surface, if you have trouble, just use a little hot glue to make it stick.

supplies: patterned paper,sticker (Echo Park Paper) crepe paper (party supply) german glass glitter (Meyer Imports)

  1. Freehand cut two hearts, one sligtly larger and wider than the other.
  2. Begin by glittering the smaller heart.
  3. Working on the back side of the glittered heart, add the ruffle of crepe paper using hot glue.
  4. Adhere to the smaller ruffled heart to the front of the larger one and adhere the sticker.

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  1. Jen

    woah, love the german glass glitter. I heard you talk about it on paperclipping roundtable, and now I get why you love it so – very pretty! Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂

  2. Suzy Gray

    Hi Ana – everything just shines with your beloved german glitter. (it is some beautiful stuff)

    Hope you have a wonderful valentines day with your girls

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  4. Marie

    Hi Ana,
    I’ve been anxiously awaiting your “CHA” review! Love the black & white heart above and glitter one! Beautiful!

  5. Bridget

    These are knockout Valentine’s! Can’t wait to try this out this weekend with the kids. As a mom of two I can say this, nothing and I mean nothing beats having my kids as my Valentines. Hope yours give you some good Valentines! (And can’t wait to see more about CHA!!)

  6. barbi defazio

    I do have a valentine but I decorate more for our girls they love to come home from school to the house decorated and we always add some new hearts to our collection every year. Yours are lovely and I am also partial to the black & white one – gorgeous!

  7. Jody

    I’m not much for Valentine’s Day either. My friends and I call it ‘Single Awareness Day’. Love the hearts!

  8. nitasha

    These are so cute!!! I need to bookmark this for next year, because I know I won’t be able to do them before Monday! Thank you so much for the inspiration!

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  10. Jen harrison

    I dislike valentines day too! Beautiful hearts you made! Index to make some decor for v-day for my kids to enjoy!

  11. Lindy

    Beautiful hearts!!!! Valentine’s Day isn’t one of my favorite holidays either and I have a valentine!!! He’s soooo good to me but I’m still not a fan. LOL

  12. Cindy Strickland

    You never disappoint on the glitter. I have not made anything for Valentines. My boys are too old now. May have to make a card for the hubby though.

  13. Patti Martin

    Your hearts are so cute!! Such a great idea! Would look cute hanging from the ceiling but decorated on both sides, too. I rarely decorate for Valentine’s Day.

    {Pattie’s passion}

    I Scrap So All Moments Are Remembered!

  14. Myrna

    I don’t have a blog or a website, but I love reading blogs of crafty people, and your hearts are just lovely!
    Hope you have a Happy Valentine’s Day and just remember to spread love everyday, and it will come back to you!That’s the best Valentine ever!

  15. Kristin Summer

    I’ve got to agree…V Day is not up there on my list if favorites either. I love that you made cute decor for it anyways. I’ve GOT to get me some of that German glass glitter, it’s beautimous!!

  16. Beth W

    I’m not real big on Valentine’s either-but must admit I love your creations. They’re not as traditional as most of what I see-I can see me doing some of these.

  17. Bonnie Reilly

    What beautiful valentines…I love the German Glass Glitter! I have never worked with it, but will be getting some now. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Jean_H

    Those hearts are SWEEEEET!!
    Here’s a thought for the vinyl saying: “Our hearts welcome you to our home”

  19. Char-D

    Lovely decorations for your little divas. They make up for a lot. Hang in there. Been there and back there again myself.

  20. Angel A

    The hearts are so pretty and fun! I think I will book mark this for a great craft idea for next year with my girls, they would love them! Thanks for the chance to win a great prize!

  21. Judi V

    Totally love these hearts – my 6 year old grand-daughter and I have been making “long distance Valentine’s” this weekend. she lives in Michigan, I live in Idaho – she calls me and tells me how she wants the cards made – was absolutely the most fun! Mailed her an envelope with cards yesterday for her, her mommy and her daddy for her to write in . . . that was the most fun Valentine’s ever!

  22. Mary W

    Anna!! Love the valentines! They are SO BEAUTIFUL!!! Just love ’em all and all of your stuff too!!!!!!!

  23. allie.duckienz

    Wow, LOVE! I am engaged and planning my wedding (13 months so plenty of time still). I love the idea of these as wedding decorations! Thanks for sharing xxx

  24. Ronda

    I love this idea! It’s very cute and I like the uniqueness of each heart. TFS a great idea and a giveaway too.

  25. Reneecrops

    Your blog must have been waaaay busy. I had a terrible time getting on. Anyway – I love your hearts! I enjoy hearing you on paperclipping, and I know you go all out for Christmas, but it looks like Valentines Day isn’t shabby either!! Thank you for the chance to win!

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