Life has been busy, and pregnancy at 41 has been a little rough. The exhaustion during my first trimester was pretty dramatic. Now I am at 13 1/2 weeks and doing pretty fine. We even got the results of our DNA test back – and all is well. No signs of genetic issues, a big worry when you are of “advanced maternal age” as they say. We also got the bonus of finding out that our little peach is a girl! We have even picked a name!


Daddy is as excited as can be. This is my 4th and his 1st so its fun to see him navigate this brave new world. And “doing this” was such an awesome partner is really quite a treat. The Mr. is always willing to help carry and move things, run little errands, and is always on the ready for slurpee and eggo runs as my cravings dictate. And now that we know the sex of our little bean, I have already started on some fun baby DIY. (don’t worry I will share)

So thats it. Life is good. Pregnancy is rocking along, and we are all just as excited as can be to meet Miss Samara.