My quest in “Becoming Aphrodite” – Spartan Training has been challenging to say the least. The works have been pretty brutal. However, they have also given me a great sense of satisfaction. I am so fortunate to have such amazing trainers coaches really who are there to root me on. This week during our one one one session we talked about the mental side of training.

This is just as important as any other part of training, if not even more. You mind will try to give up long before your body will. Life will try to get in the way. And for me, my own self doubt and destruction will get in the way. A few weeks ago I totally fell off the wagon. Life was crazy and I didn’t work out for two weeks. My diet pretty much consisted of burgers and drive throughs. A year ago – that would have been the end. I would have never gone back. But because of the mental training that my coaches have prepared me for – I just got back on the horse. Yes it sucked. I felt weaker. I had to get my body back into fighting mode. But I did it and here we are.

Click here to read the email they sent out to everyone that speaks to these 5 keys of success. And its not just for fitness and working out. You can take these principals and use them for anything. Currently I am in the beginning stages of a new relationship. And everything here is just as important in nurturing that as much as making sure I get my ass to the studio and choose good food rather than burgers and pizza.

So many people have asked me “How did you do it? What’s your secret?” There isn’t one. Work my ass of in the studio, do my best to make smart food choices – its a lifestyle not a diet, and finally – not letting myself down. And all that is covered right here.

So how did we do? I am two weeks into training.

  1. Weight – down 8lbs (I gained 5 before I started after that two week binge)
  2. Fat – loss of about 1%
  3. Measurements – all smaller averaging .5″ per area
  4. diet – needs additional adjustment. I am actually not eating enough.
  5. water – needs to be more consistent. Yes, I measure my water and celebrate when I am a good girl!
  6. Workouts – this week is good. Week one was rough. This week I am here and committed no matter what.
  7. Mental – feeling really good. I am really proud of some accomplishments. I can do banded pull ups, side planks in suspension, atomic pikes. All stuff I could not dream of a few months ago!

My goal over the next two weeks is to continue to train hard and make good choices. Next week I am committing here and now to a 5 day work out week. To hit my water goal every day, and get in all 6 meals in the day. I am also going to try more banded pull ups even though I am scared of how high the bar is.

And again, to my trainer Trish. THANK YOU. Thank you for caring, asking about my man, my family, my life and being more than a trainer to my body, but also a life coach. You change my life every day and I show up and leave it on the floor because of you. I want to make you proud…