So when I found out that I was pregnant I decided that I was going to do my very best to have a healthy pregnancy. I cut out all caffeine and soda pop from my diet. I have increased my water intake,  and luckily so far I have been craving salads! This isn’t to say I won’t indulge on occasion. But I have decided from the get go to take a preemptive strike this time.

The reality is that I am starting this pregnancy at 41 years of age, and 30 more pounds than I had hoped. The double edged sword of Clomid. I needed it to get pregnant but it made me gain weight – oh well.

I am going to stay as active as possible but because of some past issues I am advised to wait til I see my doctor before starting a new prenatal workout plan.

This week, I have been feeling a lot better as far as the morning sickness. It still creeps up on me but it is totally manageable. My signature pregnancy headaches are in full swing and the exhausted feeling I have is still pretty strong.

I think my biggest challenge this week is handling my emotions. I have been on a bit of a roller coaster. Massive highs of feeling loved and excited and other lower moments of self doubt. I am very grateful that I have such a wonderful support system to help me through the crazy.