So I started 2015 with a joyful surprise. On New Years Eve I found out that I am pregnant!

I am overwhelmed with feelings of joy so much more than words can express. But being a mom over 40 whose youngest is almost 12, is also a little overwhelming! So far I feel pretty good. I have a fair amount of “morning sickness” and more than anything I am just EXHAUSTED. As in I could sleep for a week, can’t open my eyes, is it time for my nap yet tired.

My Mr and I have been trying for the past 6 months to get pregnant. I went to the doctor pretty soon after we decided to have a baby since I am a little older. After some tests, we discovered that I was likely not ovulating so I started taking Clomid. Well, two dose changes, and 20 lbs and a lot of emotional ups and downs later… we have our little one on the way! And I plan to try my best to enjoy the journey for sure. (well after a nap)