This is the first time I am actually going to have a Valentine in over a decade! And not only a Valentine, but a fiancé. In fact, since we are leaving for paradise in just a few short days, we decided to forgo store bought gifts and opted for  quiet night at home (hopefully not getting called in) and then really having some romance on our honeymoon. But I still wanted to do something special for my Matthew. So here it is.

14 things I about US. 

1. Being AWESOME travel partners

We have had the pleasure of going on a few trips together. And traveling together is truly an adventure. We both love to explore new places. We are very compatible as we are drop our bags and lets check this place out type of people. I still smile when I think about the time we drove to Las Vegas super early in the am after Matt was on call the evening before. The moment we checked in we dropped our bags and went to once of my favorite restaurants on the strip. We then explored for while before “starting” our festivities with the rest of the group. I look forward to seeing the world with you.

2. Our Adventures (and misadventures) 

Hand in hand with our travel fun, I love the crazy adventures and misadventures we always find ourselves in. Sometimes its travel related. Like the time we had to get a jump from a guy who didn’t have jumper cables in the middle on nowhere… just so later that trip I could get a $700 speeding ticket.

Sometimes our misadventures are much closer to home. Like the night of our first fight when going to a club only 2 blocks away from where we started. The fight happened after 5 u-turns and go around the block… all after I insisted that I knew exactly where I was going. After all that Matt decided to pull over so he could out the address into his GPS – just to find out that we were in the parking lot of the club we had been looking for! (we never went in btw. In Matt’s frustration he yelled at me so I was no longer in the mood)

But no matter what crazy direction our adventure takes us – we always find a way to laugh.

3. Kindred Food Loving Spirits

We BOTH share a love for good food. I love that we can share, and love a meal at  the trendiest, $100 a plate, celebrity chef owned restaurant as much as we can enjoy burgers on a Friday night at home. We have a nice little tradition of going out to breakfast after our date nights. (well when our schedules allow) And those breakfasts cultivate some of our best conversations.

I very much appreciate how adventurous Matt is too. He eats just about everything that I put in front him. He likes asian food almost as much as I do. He is an appreciative recipient of my culinary experimentations, and a lover all things spicy. To the point he’s been names “crazy hot” at a thai owned place we like to frequent. What ever it is… breaking bread together is always such a pleasure.

4.  Being Master Debaters

As I mentioned in a previous post – Matt and I love to debate just about everything. Not in a mean spirited way, but we are both very opinionated… and I don’t like to let things like facts or science get in the way of a good argument.

5. Sexytime

To keep from traumatizing my teenage daughters who may come across this post, I won’t say much. I will however, say this. We have lots of sexytime, snuggle time, kiss time, amorous wrestling as Matthew would call it. Bottom line, we are good together.

6. Our Nerdisms

We are a couple of big nerds with a mutual love of zombies, comicbooks, super hero movies, docudramas, cinema culture, technology (even though he is mr. PC/Android and I am Apple all the way) and games – video and board.

7. We’re Kind of Old Fashioned

Chivalry is not dead. I like to do girly things. It totally works for us.

8. We Compliment Each Other

We have so much in common when it comes to the big things; where we see our future, having and raising a family, where to live, our career paths, we’re both creative souls, religion, politics – where we don’t agree we respect. But I love that we also have some “opposites attract” type qualities to us. I am emotional, he is logical, I am always late, he is always 10 minutes early, he gets things done way before deadline, I am a procrastinator extraordinaire, he is practical I am frilly… Together – we are pretty kick ass unstoppable.

9. We Are Very Best Friends

We have a great friendship. There is depth and lightness at the same time. I know I say this over again, but we just enjoy hanging out and being together. Netflix and Taco Bell are as engaging to use as Gordon Ramasay’s Steak. We laugh like friends, we goof off and are silly, sometimes crass…and no one pops my zits or plucks stray hairs better than Matt. Its just good stuff.

10. We Lift Each Other Up

I will admit that I feel like I am more of the recipient of this one, but regardless, Matt makes me a better person. He is a dreamer of dreams… always searching, wondering, pushing himself. He makes me want to be the best version of myself. He see’s the best version of me even when I don’t. He even made me retake an IQ test because he knew I was more than my number.

11. The Uniquely Unconditional Love We Share

Matt and I have some quirks. They are kind of hard to quantify. We are both very passionate and creative and a little eccentric. There are things about each of us that make most people run. But for us – those are the times that we each hold on tight. I love that we share a true unconditional love.

12. Our Ability to Talk

We can talk. We do talk for hours and hours. We genuinely enjoy each other… discussing the world and the universe, talking about video games, family, super heroes, food, plans, dreams, what ever. We listen and we feel and we get each other a way that is uniquely us. And we communicate it splendidly. Some of our most amazing moments have been in our all night talking sessions.. discussing everything under the sun.. until that sun is coming up again.

13. We Feel like Home

We will officially become a family very soon. But it already feels that way. It warms my heart how the girls love my Matthew. And it melts my heart how much Matthew truly and deeply loves my girls. We make decisions together for our families happiness and well being. Matt takes his responsibility as head of household very seriously. It’s beyond awesome (for lack of a better vocabulary) how naturally our family has come together. I look forward to making it grow…

14. A Modern Love Story

I love that we met online. I love that digital communication is a big part of how we come together. I love that we just work. I love how natural and right we are together. Yes, I get that relationships require a commitment to work at them – but as far as “work” goes – this is just the best ever. It’s easy. “WE” make me feel good. “We” make us better people… and together the chemicals react and the possibilities are endless.

Happy Valentines Day…

xoxoxo – Ana